How are books returned at Cary Regional Library? Why is there no drive-up book drop available?
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The Cary Regional Library was completed in November 2019This project was a unique partnership with the Town of Cary and included the construction of a new Town parking deck to serve library patrons and other visitors to Cary’s downtown offerings. The new parking deck features an outdoor book drop, near the Library’s entrance on level three. 

The parking deck did not allow for a drive-up book drop. Additionally, WCPL’s recent Library building projects do not typically include remote, drive-up book drops as they create logistical challenges in transporting large quantities of books, especially in adverse weather.  

There are several ways to return books at Cary Regional Library:

The outdoor book drop

The parking deck is located behind the Library on the corner of Walnut and Walker Streets. On level three, patrons can access the book drop near the library entrance. There are specific parking spots near the parking deck staircase, dedicated to those dropping off books. To ensure patron safety, Wake County has added additional signage and pavement stripping on level three to prompt drivers to slow down in this area. 

At the library desk during open hours

During the library’s open hours, patrons that prefer street parking or returning items in person can park and return items directly to the library desk. Library staff are happy to check in items and this is a great way to browse for your next read! See Cary Regional Library Hours 


Additional options

Please feel free to contact the library at 919-460-3350,  if you need additional assistance with returning library books, please email the Library Manager, Elizabeth Bartlett at


For patrons that prefer a drive-up book-drop, there is one located at West Regional Library at 4000 Louis Stephens Drive in Cary.

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