Does WCPL subscribe to Kanopy?
Last Updated: May 16, 2018 Views: 234

We do not subscribe to Kanopy.

After receiving several similar inquires prompted by the promotion of the service in a recent NYTimes article, we contacted Kanopy to learn more about the product and service.

We learned that while this service is free to a library user, there is a cost to the library providing the access.  When we calculated the cost to meet the needs of a county of over 1 million, we found that we could not, at this time, sustain this cost without negatively impacting the funding we spend on books for children and adults. The book collection is the priority for WCPL and therefore we, unlike many library systems, avoid funding other media by decreasing the funds we invest in library books.

However, we agree that Kanopy does present a good collection of Award winning films and documentaries that would be beneficial to our community and plan to keep this service on our radar and explore other funding options.

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